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Residential Development Platted subdivisions, condominiums, single family housing projects. The process incorporates the design of lot and road layouts, utility design, construction staking and inspection, and setting of property corners.

Boundary Surveying Find and/or set property corners of an existing parcel based on the legal description. Additional points may be set on the side lines of the parcel if requested. The cost varies greatly depending on size and description of the parcel.

Land Division (Parcel Splits) This is a boundary survey of the parent parcel and the new parcels created. All work is done according to state and local guidelines and must be approved by the local municipality.

Lot Survey This is a survey of an existing lot in a subdivision or unit in a condominium.

Topographical Survey This type of survey shows existing elevations, improvements, vegetation, utilities, and other physical features on a parcel. It is usually for planning or design purposes.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey This is comprehensive, all inclusive survey which combines the features of a boundary and topographical survey. It is done according to standards and specifications adopted by the American Land Title Association. It is usually requested for commercial properties.

Flood Plain Elevation Certificates Elevation Certificates provided by FEMA are completed by a licensed surveyor. It is usually done to prove that a structure or parcel are not within the 100 year flood plain and that flood insurance should not be required. Along with the elevation certificate, the MT-EZ form is filled out and copies the necessary information are gathered so that the property owner can apply for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

Construction Staking Setting horizontal and vertical control stakes for the installation of sewer, watermain, curb, sidewalks, roads, ditches, houses, etc.

Site Plan A boundary and topographical survey with design engineering showing the proposed improvements to a parcel of land.